Project Greater Works

September 3rd 2021, was an exciting milestone for Restore Children and Family Services. “Project Greater Works”, a five-year fundraising campaign, was launched to jumpstart our vision to expand accessible trauma treatment and recovery services to children and families in desperate need. Tragically, the number of referrals continue to increase. However, our staffing limits our capacity to accept all referrals. This reality weighs heavily on our hearts.

Our ambitious vision is to expand so that we can serve more children and families. The expansion includes doubling our team of 10 people and opening another facility in Metro Cebu by 2022. Expansion means increased need in funding. The purpose of Project Greater Works is to raise the funding needed to make our vision come to fruition. Jenny Ninan, a Restore board member, explained the different fundraising events and modes of donation that donors can utilize to support this fundraising initiative. In addition to traditional methods such as check writing, web-based options, such as GoFundMe and Cryptocurrency, provide an easier, transparent process to donate. During the launch, a couple of social media specialists provided their expertise as to how to promote Restore to the online community. These talented individuals who volunteer their time are a testament of God’s provision. He brought them to Restore for such as time as this.

Furthermore, the event not only underscored God’s continuous provision since Restore’s pilot project launch in 2018, but it also highlighted how God’s people can be used as channels of His love, healing, and restoration. We can be used as instruments to bring light and hope to young lives affected by the evil in the world. A simple act such as sharing links for the campaign on our social media accounts may seem insignificant, but God can use anything to move the hearts of people.

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